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APRIL 2017
  • We designed and manufactured a sliding door with a lock in the middle of a 140' long separation curtains for one of our customer in the Metropolitain area.

MARCH 2017
  • Our latest creation in collaboration with Denmar-Tech, utility customizable carts with canvas. Tell us about your project and we will realize it.

  • We designed and manufactured custom separation curtains for one of the Mr Muffler in the Metropolitain area.

  • We designed and manufactured custum protective canvas to cover carts for Pratt & Whitney from Longueuil, Qc.

  • We designed and manufactured a tension canvas made from Comtex Polyfab for our client; Bridgestone in Joliette, Qc. This tension canvas creates shade in a rest area. The installation of the posts was made by Multi-Paysages, which was the prime contractor.

  • We designed, manufactured and installed rail mounted curtains to protect a mezzanine and also rail mounted curtain with window in the receiving/shipping are at Hutchinson Aerospace in Montreal.

JUNE 2016
  • We designed and installed safety nettings and a batting for a baseball stadium of the City of Montreal.

  • We manufactured a clear vinyl canvas for a geodesic dome within the 17th edition of the Winter Festival Montreal en Lumière (February 18 to March 5, 2016). The dome hosts the Bistro Festival presented by the Société des alcools du Québec.

  • We manufactured custom canvas to cover and close containers in a storage yard. This project was realized at Hewitt Group of Pointe-Claire.

  • Curtains separators with transparent sections to divide 2 plant departments. This project was realized at Maxi Canada of St-Lin-des-Laurentides.

JUNE 2015
  • We made banners for a mobile stage SAM750 used in Niagara-On-The-Lake for the Mumford & Son’s concert on June 15. The banners project is a realization of Marlin Digital Imaging from Richmond Hill, Ontario.

JUNE 2015
  • Outdoor mini stage at the corner of Avenue Mont-Royal and Saint-Hubert Street for the Poetry Festival of Montreal in May. A realization of APL Multimedia.

MAY 2015
  • Giant printed stage canvas and structure coverage for the MAËSTRO show created by Atomic3 for the Quartier des spectacles in Montréal.

  • Manufacture and installation of a cold cut wall made from strips of clear curtain leaving the field open for the forklift and a vinyl liners for the other sections, the canvas are fixed on the sides with magnets, therefore easier to move if necessary.

    Project has been realized at Precision JLM in Laval.

  • Clear vinyl fabric to cover a scenic spherer of type "Snowball" created by Azur Creations from Quebec City for the Winter Funs project in Belgium.

  • Rail and chain mounted separation canvas at Premiere Moisson in Baie d'Urfe.

APRIL 2014
  • Separation canvas in the corporate lodges section at the Saputo Stadium in Montreal.

  • Rail mounted curtain with clear windows and magnet connectors for equipment wash room at United Rentals in St Laurent.

JUNE 2013
  • Canvas for calopy, wings and windwalls for the mobile stage SAM750 from Stage Line.

MARCH 2017
  • We have manufactured the custom protection curtain for the amphibious all-terrain vehicle as part of the BAJA project of the ÉTS (École de Technologie Supérieure) as a sponcer.

  • We designed and manufactured protection screens with stainless steel structure, ideal for food processing plants. Available in different fabric. Also with swivel casters for easier moving. Contact our sales force team for quotation.

  • We designed and manufactured protection screens with galvanized steel structure with foot protective caps. Available in different fabric. Contact our sales force team for quotation.

  • We designed, manufactured and installed black vinyle canvas made from Ferrari Soltis 86. This fabric forms a tent that goes on the terrace of a mobile stage called "ProMobile" for the company Stage Line from l'Assomption, Qc.

JUNE 2016
  • We have manufactured the printed canvas and backstage canvas for the Jazz Club at the 2016 Montreal Jazz Festival. 

MARCH 2016
  • We have manufactured the custom seat of the amphibious all-terrain vehicle as part of the BAJA project of the ÉTS (École de Technologie Supérieure).

  • We manufactured and installed, the custom shade and curtain separators at the Saint-Eustache Sports Centre owned by the Mathers Group in Saint-Eustache

  • We manufactured custom privacy curtains for a shoe manufacturer showroom to hide unwanted looks of new collections. This project was realized at Aldo Group of Ville St-Laurent.

  • We manufactured and install curtains in the cloakroom to hide underneath the bleachers. This project was realized in the Desjardins Section of the Montreal's Bell Centre.

JUNE 2015
  • Triangular canvas for existing structures for the CREATIVE Project of the Cirque du Soleil at the Club Med in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

JUNE 2015
  • Covers with zippers custom made for rolling carts of the Quartier des spectacles in Montreal.

  • Separation curtains for easy cleaning machinery without splashing the other machines. Project has been realized at Maxi Canada in St-Lin-des-Laurentides.

  • Translucent fabrics printed and assembled by Canevas Design for giant lampshades installed on Cartier Street in Quebec City by Scene Ethics from Varenne.

  • Customized protective canvas for a carousel in the Little Italy for the City of Montreal.

JUNE 2014
  • Canvas for the roof of the stage of the TV show L'Été Indien from Productions J.

MARCH 2014
  • Canvas marquee with clear windows to cover the bridges between Gregory Charles mobile theatre and the Casino de Montreal.

  • Canvas with windows and doors for a special event at the Casino de MontreaL.

MAY 2013
  • Printed canvas for tents and walls of the Barbie mobile stage from Stage Line.

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