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Outdoors and Indoors Canvases for Any Event

We design and manufacture fire-retardant exterior stage covers, big top tent canvases and accessories, fences and barricades canvases, curtains, and protective covers as well as custom and decorative canvases.

We use the following material (fabrics): Acrylic (Sunbrella™) | Coloured, clear, or frosted vinyl PVC |Mesh | Woven Polyethylene| Fire-retardant Materials

We also offer a cover replacement service for existing exterior and interior structures, marquees, and big tops of any type. Entrust us with your cover or curtain replacement project; we will manufacture them according to your specifications.

  • Replacement canvas for big top tents—white (also available with French window option): 10 ft × 10 ft, 10 ft × 20 ft, 15 ft × 15 ft, 20 ft × 20 ft
  • Replacement curtain: 10 ft, 15 ft, and 20 ft in two pieces

Note: we do not sell structures, only new or replacement custom canvases/covers.

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