Canevas Design offers a variety of finishing services for straps and canvases. By taking advantage of our finishing services, you save time and money without worrying about equipment and staffing issues. No projects are too small or important for us; contact us for a quote.

Rope or Strap Cutting
We can cut the number of straps you need in the lengths you need and widths up to 4 inches with a precision of ± 2%.
We offer finishing services for raw materials you already own. If you are looking for a specific product, we have access to a wide variety of materials to meet all your needs.

Stop/Safety Stitching for Straps
Do you have straps that need assembly? We can sew your straps with stop/safety stitches using an industrial state-of-the-art sewing machine. Quick, reliable, and precise, this sewing machine allows sewing using various patterns. Here are some examples: Radiofrequency (RF) Canvas Welding and Grommeting

Do you need to add grommets to your canvas project? We install #2 (3/8 in) stainless steel grommets quickly and accurately. Contact us for a quick quote if you need to finish printed banners or protective canvases. Is your production department overloaded, or is your project too important for your capability? Canevas Design can help. Submit us the details of your project, the types of materials to be welded, and a final drawing in CAD or PDF format.

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